SSP Alpha1 RE-1011

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Designed for convenient treatment from beginning to end, including cleaning up the treatment area and storing electrode cords.
1) Preparation for treatment
The tray at the top of cart is useful for storing clean alcohol swabs and medical equipment.
After cleaning, simply discard the swab into the trash box under the cart.
2) During treatment
Push the suction button first, then place the electrode cups on the treatment area. If you are not sure about the treatment points, press T-point(Treatment point) button in the screen to display treatment guidance for each diseased area.
After placing the electrode cups on the treatment point, turn the output volume control to start the treatment.
Treatment Screen
List of treatment points
Guidance on treatment points
3) After treatment
When the treatment is finished, you will hear the ending sound. Push the suction button to remove the electrode cups easily from the treatment points.
Finally, put the electrode cords on the cord hanger.

Simple Style

The touch-screen lets you make detailed setting,while the minimum function needed to perform treatmentare conveniently located on top of the equipment.

Portable Style

The unit and cart can be easily separated by loosing just one screw and removing power supply cord and exhaust tube from the unit. The carrying case is ideal when going out.

SSP Electrode creates “condensed current”

SSP (Silver Spike Point) therapy is a low-frequency stimulation therapy that was developed based on the concept of “Acupuncture-like TENS(AL-TENS)” by industry-university collaboration and development in 1976.
Since low-frequency energy is concentrated at one point by conical shaped metal, trigger points and tender points are easier to treat.

Dual Current function(CNS/PNS )

Dual Current is a new function with SSP Alpha1, which enables you to choose low frequency (CNS) or high frequency (PNS) for each channel.
With this function, you can obtain higher therapeutic response by concurrently stimulation by low frequency and high frequency.

“Multi language” and “Touch screen”

Treatment Screen(during a treatment)
Set-up Screen
Treatment Mode selection screen

Suction SPL electrode cord and cord hanger

Suction SPL cord Cord hanger
The suction spline(SPL) electrode cord is designed to be tangle-free and easy to loosen.
There is also a cord hanger on both sides of SSP Alpha1 which allows the six hose cords to be hung separately.

Scan Mode

The new scan treatment mode offers sequential stimulation from CH3 to CH6. We recommend placing the electrodes along muscle fiber or nerves.


Commodity code RE-1011TM
Main power AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 65VA
Dimensions Main unit 364W)*329D)*191Hmm
Cart 564W)*566D)*1,026Hmm
Weight Main unit 5.6㎏  Cart 14
Output current 30mArms [at 500ohm Load]
Output terminal SSP suction electrode (6CH), SSP electrode (6CH)
Suction level OFF, Level 1-9
Treatment time 1-99 min (1 min step), Continuous *Default:1-30 min
Safety function Zero start, Auto-lock of output
Electrical class, type Class I, Type BF


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